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The Big Bang Theory Season 3 DVD Boxset

The Big Bang Theory Season 3 DVD Boxset
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The Big Bang Theory DVD Information

Name:The Big Bang Theory
No. of Season:Season 3
Created by:Chuck Lorre,Bill Prady
Starring:Johnny Galecki,Jim Parsons,Kaley Cuoco,Simon Helberg,Sara GilbertKunal Nayyar
Release Date:Sep. 21, 2009
Format:Support both NTSC & PAL
Weight:0.5 kg
ConditionNew Box Set
Audio:Dolby Digital 5.1 - English

Subtitles - English

The Big Bang Theory DVD Plot

After their return home from their three-month expedition in the North Pole,  Sheldon finds out from Howard and Raj that the guys had tampered with his  experiment because Sheldon was absolutely unbearable when he wasn't getting  the results he wanted (plans to kill him were even brought up and discussed). They  tell him about their use of an electric can opener to give Sheldon positive results,  thereby causing Sheldon to believe he has made a Nobel Prize-winning discovery.  Unfortunately, Sheldon had immediately emailed everyone at Caltech about his  discovery before Howard and Raj could tell him what had happened. Sheldon is so  disgraced that he resigns and moves back in with his mother (played by Laurie  Metcalf), who lives in east Texas. Mrs. Cooper calls Leonard and tells them that they  should come talk to Sheldon. Upon the guys' arrival, Sheldon is intent on staying in  Texas.

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By: Tarry**
I kept thinking that the big bang theory could not go on being funny, especially when Leonard and Penny finally began a real relationship. Surely it had jumped the shark at that point. But no, it is just as fresh and funny as it was at the beginning. Highly recommended.


The Big Bang Theory has done what few shows on television have done before: It has actually grown in viewership since its first season by more than 10 million viewers — and it keeps getting bigg...
The TV series The Big Bang Theory snagged a nomination for best comedy series in 2013. The Big Bang Theory comes to the 6th season now! It is a good show for watching. It earned several other nominati...
This time, another star will come to the show The Big Bang Theory. This is so good for the TBBT fans and also this is good for Sheldon himself! Sheldon will soon have another one of his dreams co...
Wow! The Big Bang Theory made a perfect start on 2013. It is really a huge, well, bang! The CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory made a series high rating with 19 million viewers on Thursday and it mat...
The Big Bang Theory made a great breakthrough! It is bigger than ever. If you haven't watched this TV show, it's a great pity. The CBS's TV series hit surged to an all-time high audience of ...
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