The Big Bang Theory snagged a nomination for Best Comedy Series 2013/6/6 17:09:24

The TV series The Big Bang Theory snagged a nomination for best comedy series in 2013. The Big Bang Theory comes to the 6th season now! It is a good show for watching. It earned several other nominations. Jim Parsons, the actor of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, was nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy Series. He's up against Don Cheadle in "House of Lies, Louis C.K, "Louie," Jake Johnson of New Girl, Adam Scott "Parks and Recreation," and Jeremy Sisto.
Kaley Cuoco, Penny, and Melissa Rauch, Bernadette Rostenkowski Wolowitz, were both pitted against each other for the title of Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Bob Newhart was nominated for his guest performance as Professor Proton in the Best Guest Performer category.
Wow! It is so amazing for the show! Have you ever watching the show? Get The Big Bang Theory DVD and make your leisure time special!

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