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Criminal Minds season 1-13 DVD Box Set

Criminal Minds season 1-13 DVD Box Set
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Criminal Minds Season 1-13 DVD Box Set:When Rossi receives a chilling birthday message from serial killer Thomas Yates, who is listed as one of the remaining escapees, the BAU works with a team of up-and-coming FBI agents to stop Yates from embarking on another killing spree.Criminal Minds Season 1-13 DVD Set When a series of home invasions in upscale San Diego neighborhoods turn deadly, the BAU suspects that the crimes were committed by a gang of thrill-seeking young adults. Meanwhile, Walker dedicates himself to determining when Peter Lewis will strike next.

Criminal Minds DVD Special Features
Name:Criminal Minds
Genre:Comedy | Drama
No. of Season:Season: 1-13
Created by:Jeff Davis

Matthew Gray Gubler,Kirsten Vangsness,Thomas Gibson

Release Date:2017
Video Format:Support both NTSC & PAL
Audio Format:Dolby Digital 5.1 - English
Language:English(Removable Subtitles)

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There were a few changes to the BAU team in season 6 of Criminal Minds,and many fans were not satisfied with the results.The team lost JJ and Prentiss,received a rookie,who did the best she could, and...

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