Who is your favorite character on true blood? 2011/8/21 20:30:06

My favorite characters on true blood dvd boxset is Lafeyette, Eric & Pam. Lafeyette adds realism to the show in his actions and things he say. Eric is the coolest bad guy vampire but also keeping the town in check. Pam is loyal, experienced and total bad chick vamp. LOVE them!!! True blood dvd wouldn’t be the same without them. Jessica has also grown on me in the fact that I have never seen a vampire learning but still embracing her new lifestyle proudly. She isn’t ashamed of who she is, she is however learning about herself and what it is to be a vampire.

True blood dvd on sale is nonstop entertainment with really interesting characters. One can never tell what’s going to happen next, which keeps me guessing all the way through. I can’t wait till next season!!

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