Tyler Hilton Back for One Tree Hill Season Nine 2011/8/24 23:05:35

Tyler Hilton is one of One Tree Hill Season boxset favorite bad boy will be back for the ninth season of the TV show.

Tyler played Chris Keller in the One Tree Hill DVD boxset. The actor took minutes about their big go back to the display after becoming gone for such a long time and what we will have once the ultimate season begins. When asked about how exactly his go back to the TV program happened Taylor pointed out that during the last few years he'd been asked to return. Last 12 months when he or she was asked in the future on the actual show he or she said when they had an additional season he'd oblige all of them. Lucky for that show athletes One Tree Hill was cut back.

Taylor mentioned you will see more delved in to about Chris’ back again story and today even Taylor isn’t certain who their character is actually anymore and it will likely be interesting to determine what created him the way in which he is actually. One Tree Hill Season 9 DVD boxset show is probably my favorite season of the show. Are you excited Taylor is back?

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