Top Moments: Crazy Love on Parenthood, Mad Men and The Good Wife 2011/8/26 4:44:25

In the following of TV love, our admired characters active some absolutely awe-inspiring approach this week. On Boardwalk Empire, Margaret got Nucky's absorption by bottomward a dime on him. Crosby proposed with a artificial change arena while cutting a broken-down jumpsuit on Parenthood. House's bad-humored doc alike agreed to — gasp! — babysit. Don Draper's ad-lib angle on Mad Men's afterpiece bent us off guard. But it's Kalinda and Blake's annihilative amour on The Good Wife that conceivably best eloquently underscored that adulation may be a many-splendored thing, but there's annihilation hotter than demography a baseball bat to your intended's automobile. Welcome to Top Moments: Adulation Is Strange Edition.

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