The Simpsons You Can't Miss 2011/6/21 4:34:41

I'm sure if you only watch The Simpsons TV show occasionally, you'll be familiar with the fact that this family has been with us for 19 seasons and at its best, serves up some of the wittiest, funniest and downright entertaining moments that satirise popular culture for this generation. It's really funny, you should watch it.

Many of my friends who had watched this show, all think this is a good TV show. The film looks fabulous on screen. Given a big screen budget, the director and animators insert some very filmic shots which instantly distinguishes the film from the television series, including some nice crane shots, wide panoramic views and better motion and backgrounds. In many ways, this film is a snapshot of the entire series - the first half is pure gold harkening back to the episodes featured up to and including Season 10, with the final half taking a small dive, representing the quality from Season 11 onwards when the TV series began to rely more on slapstick and silliness rather than clever humour. The Simpsons Movie is an extremely faithful recreation of the show. They didn't screw with anything to update it for the silver screen. There was a big attempt to include every Simspons character in to the film and with the exception of Patty and Selma, almost all of them get a spot. Seeing them all on the big screen was quite exciting. For me, that's a completely wasted opportunity. The treatment of the Burns character is where I feel the film falters. Not that this plot device isn't funny but it does take the Simpsons outside of Springfield and that's where the film starts to become less funny. The best episodes of the show centred around the Simpsons and their interactions with the other characters in Springfield and as a result, in the second half of the film, we're taken away from what works best. It also doesn't help that the comedy is dumbed down to the more slapstick variety. I was deeply attracted by the main characters, the more I watch this show the more I like it.

This is a really good Simpsons episode that you can't miss it. That said, it's highly enjoyable, entertaining and for the most part funny. What's surprising is that I've found people who are not Simpsons fans, or even who aren't in to the show find the movie quite entertaining. I like this show very much, the more I watch this the more I like it.

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