'The Apprentice' Fires Its First Season 10 Contestant 2010/9/18 9:37:13

Nicole Chiu, a law graduate who wanted to abolish the beauty queen stereotyping through her participation on "The Apprentice", fails to launch her mission. The 27-year-old was the first to be fired from season 10 due to her lack of leadership.

The task in the two-hour premiere was to design an office space. Nicole immediately volunteered herself to be the Project Manager because she said during the individual interview that showing a good first impression is important. Immediately, Mahsa did not like Nicole's attitude, saying "it was the wrong move" to try to dominate like that.

Meanwhile in the men's team, Gene was voted to be the PM, and he had the idea of making the office space "green". However, he was absent most of the time, including when Ivanka Trump came to visit them.

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