The Apprentice Attracts You So Much 2011/5/30 21:37:26

    My friends and family are all know that I am a big fan of Donald Trump and his show The Apprentice DVD TV show. This year's season is heartwarming and different from past seasons, because most of the contestants who were chosen are out of work or are in jobs that do not match their potential due to the recent economic crisis.
    Many of my friends who had watched this TV show, all say this is a good TV show. Interestingly enough, NBC was in a major slump at the time, having just sealed the final shows on the mega hit series Friends and Frasier. The Apprentice Season DVD TV show took the Thursday night spot, heralded under the tagline "Must See TV". The show, led by American real-estate mogul Donald Trump was an immediate hit for the network, and still remains one of the most watched programs on NBC in the 18-49 ages demographic. The premise of the show begins with a group of contestants who are representative of a vast number of entrepreneurial industries. The contestants are divided up into two competitive teams, each team working under some sort of corporate moniker or power phrase as their identifying name. Both groups are then pitted against each other in a series of big business tasks focusing on essential areas such as retailing, sales and marketing. When the task is assigned, each team is required to select a project manager. So interesting in this TV show, they play so good.
    All in all, this TV show is very attractive. And The Apprentice Seasons 1-9 DVD have already released on. Any episode you want watch you can buy it, and I’m sure you will like it very much.

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