‘Supernatural’ Season 7: Bobby & Castiel’s Return Revealed 2012/2/12 23:00:29

Castiel (Misha Collins) and Bobby (Jim Beaver) may be gone for now, but ‘Supernatural’ executive producer Robert Singer promises they’ll be returning before season 7 is over.

It’s been a tough season for Supernatural fans. On top of losing one fan-favorite character in the season premiere (Castiel, played by Misha Collins), viewers also had to watch as the series’ proverbial patriarch, Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver), was given a choice of either dying peacefully or sticking around to become a ghost.

Thankfully, whatever Bobby’s decision turned out to be (we still have to find out), executive producer Robert Singer revealed that “he’ll be back in one form or another.” What does that mean? Well, when it comes to Supernatural, anything is possible (and probable).

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