Shrek Forever After 2010/5/15 10:00:53

To save the princess, to find true love and stayed stable after the Kingdom of Far far away, and had "little Shrek", the home of our Shrek became a good man. Naturally, as time passes, Shrek nostalgia began their nature "monster" side. He began to dream of those who had real life monster. So Shrek is the role of the Brothers Grimm's famous elf Rumpelstltskin by deception, and he signed an agreement to make himself into another version of Far far away kingdom world. Here strange dwarf ruled the kingdom, mule Tanguy into a pull cart. Shrek faces kill, more importantly, in this world Lishilaike and Fei Oula not been met. After recognizing the facts, Shrek finally decided to save themselves the proper "love" to fight

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