Scoops on Weeds Season 8 2012/8/1 12:08:13

Weeds has been finished the 7th season and the fans are waiting for the 8th season. Here comes some scoops of the show!

For a half-hour comedy, the mood on the final panel for Weeds at the Television Critics Association fall TV previews Monday was surprisingly somber as creator Jenji Kohan and the cast, particularly star Mary-Louise Parker, reflected on the last eight seasons. "I'm just proud of [Kohan] and everybody, and sad," said Parker, who said she didn't want to come to the panel. "All things have to end. I'm just proud of all of us. I think [Kohan] just made something amazing."

After spending season after season on the bubble between renewal and cancellation, Kohan said it was bittersweet going into this season knowing that it would be the last after writing so many possible series finales. "We knew it was the end just before the season started. I was very sad about that because it's been great and it's hard to let go of a good thing," Kohan said. "Once we got the news, I thought, 'Oh sh--, so many times we've written our ending not knowing what is coming next.'"
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