Loving Project Runway on DVD 2011/6/15 20:29:25

When watching a reality series like Project Runway Season DVD TV show with wide audience appeal, it's hard to pinpoint exactly which of its many appealing characteristics makes it a hit. Everybody seems to like a different aspect best.  Maybe, that is exactly what makes the show so popular, that each person can view with different eyes and still see a program they want to watch. According to me this TV show is so good, I like it so much.

There are so many interesting parts in the show. Whether it is fashion designing, cooking, losing weight, or merely competing for the affections of a lucky bachelor or bachelorette, we want to know it's all being done in the name of something. The better and more desirable that something is, the more people change their satellite TV dials to watch every week. Even though they might not always be the most talented, the designers that are the best designers and have the personality to match always find their way onto Project Runway DVD TV show. As with any reality program, the stunts, comedic moments, and pure drama wouldn't quite work without the zany wit, quirks, and ticks of the world's finest wannabe performers. Without a measurable way for the audience to see the general progress of the colorful characters, there's no reason to devote much attention. With Project Runway we've got the fun and funky fashion show each episode, making the whole viewing hour worth the reward. It gives a taste of a little finale each episode, gearing up for the big finale at the end with the even bigger runway show. For many a viewer, this scheme is pure genius.

All in all, all I want to say for Project Runway Seasons 1-8 DVD TV show is perfect. It’s worth you watching, and the more you watch it the more you will like it. And you will never regret watching it. I’m sure, after you watch it, you can’t help recommending it to you friends.

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