Kiefer: Jack Bauer's family mission 2010/1/22 10:33:29

The last season saw Kiefer's character facing death after exposure to a bioweapon and daughter Kim (Elisha Cuthbert) - with whom he'd had a tricky relationship - volunteering to try and save his life with a stem cell procedure.

Now Jack hopes to build on Kim's change of heart, with Kiefer saying: "He has the opportunity to start a life with his granddaughter, and through his granddaughter he sees an opportunity of repairing the relationship with his daughter - he is very committed to trying to get back that family that he lost from season one."

Kiefer also spoke about plans for the new 24 film, revealing that he would like to see it shot in Europe.

"We've wanted to film all around Europe," he said. "I think one of the great things about Europe, especially if you're going to do a film where a two-hour film represents a24-hour day, it's very feasible to get from eastern Europe to London in seven hours and so it doesn't eat up all the time, because if you're doing 24 episodes, and you try to get from Miami to even Washington, that's four episodes on a plane and people stop watching.

"Europe has been something that we've all talked about as an opportunity for the film that just unfortunately has not presented itself for us in the show."

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