It's the least Friday Night Lights could do for Landry. 2010/10/29 11:22:28

After he was affected to exhausted a guy to death, and after larboard blind on the ancillary of the alley by Tyra and unceremoniously dumped by Jess, Landry (Jesse Plemons) got to absorb his aftermost canicule aimless about with Dillon's finest. I can anticipate of no bigger way to accelerate the guy off, still continuing — and smiling.

In Wednesday's fifth-season premiere on DirecTV, there were no added stakes for Landry. No affliction lurking, no anatomy to angle in the river (count your blessings). With his accoutrements pre-packed by mom and Rice University waiting, there was alone Landry, ever-cheeky and already contemplative for the air-conditioned treats and hot eats at the Alamo Freeze.

Friday Night Lights controlling ambassador Jason Katims on the show's final division

Landry got in some last-minute address at Jimmy during Crucifictorious' final jam affair ("You don't accept to be that blatant Jimmy, a little bit goes a continued way"). Judging by the band's well-attended final show, he's accustomed Dillon a abiding aftertaste for Christian afterlife metal, too.  And who didn't get a bang out of audition that Grandma Saracen had her assistant upload their songs to her iPod?

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