‘Homeland’ Season 2 Details Revealed What Happens Next? 2012/2/6 21:41:18

Can’t wait until the fall to find out what happens on ‘Homeland?’  Executive producer Alex Gansa reveals some details about what’s to come  in season 2.

It’s been an eventful year for Showtime’s new hit series Homeland. With two Golden Globe awards under their belt, as well as praise from audiences and critics alike, all eyes are on the cable drama as it heads into its second season this fall.

With Homeland being based on the hit Israeli series Hatufim (Kidnapped), you would think that many hints of what’s to come may lie in the source material. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Homeland may have been based off of Hatufim, but the only element that remains from the original series is the fact that a solider (soldiers in the original) returned home after being held captive for many years, and must deal with adjusting to a world that has continued without him. While there are several mysteries surrounding what actually occurred during their captivity, Hatufim is not the narrative thriller that Homeland is.

And with Homeland Season 2 set to begin production this summer, it’s time to find out exactly what those upcoming twists and turns may be. Speaking with E! Online recently, executive producer Alex Gansa (The X-Files, 24) revealed some details about what’s to come in one of cable television’s most talked about series.

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