Grey's Anatomy Finale: Who Is the Shooter? 2010/5/14 10:40:04

Be on the anchor for an armed man on the apart in the halls of Seattle Grace.

Exclusive: Mandy Moore to guest-star in Grey's Anatomy finale

A antecedent confirms that the clandestine adventure band of Grey's Anatomy's division afterpiece is a apache who terrorizes the hospital. So who's the shooter? We apprehend that both the ballista and his victims will all be accustomed faces to admirers of the show.

In fact, the antecedent goes on to say that the victims won't just be the accidental bonbon striper or assistant from down the hall, acceptation you may wish to accumulate the Kleenex handy. No one is safe.

The Grey's Anatomy afterpiece affectedness Thursday, May 20 at 9/8c on ABC.

Who do you anticipate the ballista is?

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