'Fringe' Season 3 Finale Trailer 'The Day We Died' 2011/5/17 0:45:43

'Fringe' will wrap its third season this Friday with an assurance from Fox that full episode order of season four is a carried out offer. 'The Last Sam Weiss,' which aired previous Friday, gave us a huge hint of of where the finale is headed. Spoiler Warnings Apply so make sure you will not continue reading if you are not caught up with all the 'Fringe' episodes to date.
In the previous episode of 'Fringe,' Peter productively entered the mysterious machine and located himself transported fifteen a long time into the future. It appears he destroyed the alternate universe, but in undertaking so doomed his very own.

The finale's title 'The Day We Died' might refer to the fate of our universe in the foreseeable future. If everybody will sooner or later die, Peter could return to present day and find himself going through a choice: ruin the alternate universe with the knowledge that the determination will finally destroy each universes, or try out to "generate" with the machine rather than "ruin" and, I am purely speculating the following, merge the two universes into one. 

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