Five Mission Critical TV Shows Conan O'Brien Can Save 2010/1/26 10:45:17

Conan O'Brien's got seven months to kill before he can host another TV show. Rather than sit on the couch watching The View and eating cupcakes until fall, maybe he could moonlight as a writer for tired and troubled TV shows. C'mon, Coco! Parachute in like a comedy commando! Here are five programs that could use the redhead's help:

1. Saturday Night Live
If anyone can find the long-running sketch show's long-lost funny, it's Conan O'Brien.

2. The Simpsons
Coco wrote for The Simpsons when the show was in its heyday; perhaps his return would gas up its nearly empty tank.

3. Better Off Ted
A marquee name and a bit of creative firepower could be just what Better Off Ted needs to get off ABC's hit list.

4. Two and a Half Men
Dear Conan, please prove that 14 bazillion people can be wrong by bringing true wit to Two and a Half Men.

5. Scrubs
Scrubs' self-caricature disease has put the show on life support. Paging Dr. O'Brien, stat!

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