Dexter comes to an end 2013/4/7 10:13:07

 Showtime has released a new teaser trailer for the eighth and the finale season of ‘Dexter’.Finally dexter comes to an end.What will happen in the end of the show?Stay tuned for our dvd shop.

Despite a solid viewership as well as overall positive reviews from fans and critics, Dexter season eight is expected to be the last we see of the Bay Harbor Butcher. Showtime executives were interested in keeping the show on the air for season nine and beyond, but series producers opted to end Dexter on their terms – with one final storyline. The decision is obviously bittersweet for fans of the show but, even though we’ll surely miss the serial killer with a heart of gold, it’s better for everyone involved to see the series end on a high note – before Dexter becomes too convoluted or, worse yet, stale.

Dexter has seen plenty of intriguing story lines over the years but with an endpoint in sight, the writers successfully upped-the-ante last season – driving toward a rich closure for the character in season eight. Now, with only a few months left before the series premiere, Showtime is ramping up marketing for what is likely to be one of the most anticipated (and bloody) final seasons in cable history.

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