Cougar Town Comes to the Fifth Season 2013/3/26 10:20:38

It's the time to celebrate the Cougar Twon has been renewed for the fifth season. TBS announced that Cougar Town 5th season has been renewed and the 5th season features 13 episodes.
It is not easy for the show Cougar Town comes to the 5th season because we know that the show initially aired on ABC and the it comes to the TBS. The fifth season will be back in 2014. Its 13-episode order is actually down two episodes from its fourth season, which currently airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on TBS. The season finale will air April 9. Are you excited that the show will have the 5th season?
Since the show comes to TBS, Cougar Town has averaged 2.8 million viewers. It becomes better and better now! Cougar Town seasons 1-3 DVD box set is hot on sale.

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